Over 30 Years of Experience Servicing Oil and Gas Industry

Contamination can lead to downtime! FTC has extensive experience in the filtration of hashtag#CompletionFluids. We understand the degree of filtration required during well completions to properly protect the formation and prepare the wellhead for production or injection. hashtag#Upstream. FTC has over 30 years of experience serving the oil and gas industry from its office [...]

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Chris Wallace Vice President of Technology at FTC

Introducing Chris Wallace Vice President of Technology at FTC. Chris’s technical expertise, industry experience, and customer focus make him the ideal choice to lead our innovation efforts in a way that anticipates and addresses changing industry demands. hashtag#CustomerService hashtag#Houston

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Efficiently Removing Solid Contaminants from Gas Streams

FTC’s Tersus high performance gas filtration technology is designed to provide dependable protection of downstream equipment and processes by efficiently removing solid contaminants from gas streams. hashtag#QuickOpening hashtag#SwingBoltClosures hashtag#FuelGasFiltration

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Understanding Needs of the Mining, Metals and Minerals Markets

FTC understands the needs and requirements of the mining, metals, and minerals markets. Our market experience and technical knowledge allows us to provide standard or custom engineered products and solutions for your equipment protection. Learn more here, www.ftc-houston.com hashtag#SourceWater hashtag#WaterReuse hashtag#Wastewater

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Clarifying Filtration Solutions for the Cosmetic Industry

FTC offers clarifying filtration solutions for the cosmetic and personal care industry. Our FTC NSF/ANSI 61 Certified Clarify 740 Platinum Select Series™ delivers greater dirt holding capacity over standard cartridges within a given footprint. hashtag#DepthFiltration hashtag#ConsistentFluidQuality

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Relying on Efficient Filtration

Nuclear power plants rely on efficient filtration to prevent unscheduled plant shutdowns or system failures. FTC provides solutions for nuclear power generation filtration requirements, including: Sea water injection,  Condensate and Fuel pools. hashtag#Houston hashtag#FiltrationSolutions

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Custom Engineered Solutions

Seeking a custom engineered solution for your hashtag#UniqueFiltration application? FTC’s In-House Testing Services include process and contaminant analysis, media testing, and full scale coalescer testing. hashtag#Houston hashtag#FiltrationSolutions

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Our Clarify 2040 Platinum Series

Clarify 2040 Platinum Series is best for applications where high surface area in a small footprint is required. With a recommended flow rate of 450 GPM, this series filter is the solution to achieving optimum performance while minimizing filtration costs. hashtag#ProcessFluids hashtag#Hydrocarbons hashtag#Brines

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Recent Job Announcements – Chris Wallace

Chris Wallace Vice President of Technology Filtration Technology Corporation (FTC) is once again demonstrating its commitment to staying at the forefront of filtration technology as Chris Wallace transfers from Vice President of Sales to the newly-created position of Vice President of Technology.  Chris will be responsible for the direction, management, coordination, and commercialization of [...]

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Recent Job Announcements – John Worrell

John Worrell Vice President of North American Sales Filtration Technology Corporation (FTC) is proud to announce the addition of John Worrell to their management team.  John joins FTC as the Vice President of North American Sales.  He will be responsible for overseeing and directing all sales strategies for the USA and Canada. John brings [...]

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