FTC Appoints New Eastern Hemisphere Business Development Head

Dr. Kyle Scott joined FTC in May 2017 and will lead business development efforts in the Eastern Hemisphere.  Kyle comes to FTC after spending time in academia and the private sector.  Kyle received a PhD from the University of Houston (2005) and MBA from Rice University (2017).  Dr. Scott is ambitious about bringing FTC’s industry leading technology to customers in the energy, water and wastewater management, food and beverage, refining, and general industrial sectors.  His training and experience will be an asset to customers looking to maximize the value they receive from their filtration and separation solutions.

FTC was founded in 1987 to provide quality filtration solutions.  We provide high-quality filtration solutions that bring value to the customer.  We strive to maximize performance and minimize overall cost of ownership by providing technical assistance and quick response times.  Our manufacturing, research laboratory and corporate offices are strategically located in Houston, TX.

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