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The Invicta cartridge filter by FTC is the new shape of liquid-solid filtration technology. Engineered to redefine efficiency and reliability, Invicta sets a new standard in liquid-solid separation for a wide range of fluid processing applications.

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Features & Benefits

With Invicta®, you can choose to quickly and easily retrofit your existing vessels to make them compatible with the new filters, or you can choose to replace the vessels with new equipment designed to accommodate Invicta® cartridges. Either way, Invicta® allows you to enjoy:

  • Longer filter life and reduced change-out frequency
  • Unprecedented filter element packing density

  • Up to 176% more surface area

  • Invicta technology pairs reliable, efficient filtration with lowest cost of ownership on the market

Invicta Filtration
Invicta Vessel

Conversions Made Easy

Plant engineers and operation personnel in refining, gas processing, industrial manufacturing and other fluid processing industries are taking advantage of the economic benefits of FTC’s Invicta cartridge filters. In many cases, FTC can help you retrofit your current vessels to achieve longer filter life and reliable effluent quality with Invicta filter technology.

FTC’s experienced team members will conduct a comprehensive on-site evaluation of your current setup, identifying the optimal retrofitting solution tailored to your specific needs.

Call (713) 849-0849 to talk today about converting your unique filtration system to Invicta technology from FTC.

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Renting Invicta Filtration Technology

Now you can rent the latest Invicta filtration for your specific system needs.

  • With both 150# and 300# rated options in inventory, our Invicta filter system is designed to handle demanding applications with ease, capable of accommodating flow rates of up to 1200 gallons per minute, making it a versatile and reliable solution for various industrial needs.
  • ASME Section VIII, Div. I Code stamped with ratings up to 635 psig @ 400°F.
  • PWHT carbon steel or 316L stainless steel options available, ensuring durability and corrosion resistance.
  • Equipped with galvanized skids for stability and longevity.
  • Suitable for a wide range of industrial settings.
  • Skid or non-skidded configurations available, catered to your specific installation requirements.
  • Broad filter options available to satisfy most chemical and thermal compatibility needs
  • Utilizes Invicta® technology providing reliable, efficient filtration with the lowest cost of ownership on the market
  • Installation and maintenance are simplified for efficiency.

Contact FTC to find out how the industry’s best high-capacity vessels can be up and running on your process stream in days, not weeks or months.

Invicta Vessel

Case Studies

FTC Invicta™ Filtration Solution for Permian Basin Gas Processing Facility

A gas processing facility operator in the Permian Basin upgraded to Invicta™ technology to reduce changeout frequency and increase time and cost efficiencies that resulted in run times up to five weeks longer.

FTC Invicta™ Delivers Amine Filtration Solution for Texas Gas Processing Facility

A gas processing facility overcame bypass problems on its lean amine filtration with a superior sealing solution and Invicta technology that improved the effluent amine stream and reduced the annual spend on filtration.

FTC Invicta™ Boiler Feed Water Filtration Solution for Texas Refinery

A Texas refinery requesting a rental filtration solution to protect the RO trailers from solids and biofouling decided to use FTC’s Invicta vessels and filters which resulted in financial benefits and operational efficiencies.

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