Torrent | 600 Series

Cost Effective Filtration

FTC introduces its Torrent 600 Series High Flow filters. Torrent high flow filters are designed to meet the wide-range of solids removal needs in fluid processing industries. Many applications require higher flux rates which require a unique cartridge design. Torrent high flow filters are engineered to deliver low pressure drops and high dirt loading capacity. These filters are ideal for low viscosity fluids and low solids loading fluids where higher flux rates are acceptable. They are also recommended for standard fluids and solids loading applications where inside-to-outside flow is desired.


  • Significantly greater dirt holding capacity than traditional inside to outside flow filter elements
  • Design allows for easy installation and extraction resulting in an operator friendly element
  • As a result of the inside to outside flow path, all filtered contaminant is contained inside the element for clean disposal
  • O-ring seal to ensure positive capture of contaminants
  • Absolute rated media with fixed pore structure prevents particle unloading and provides reliable results in critical applications
  • Superior methods of construction combined with excellent quality control ensure FTC High Flow cartridges will provide quality filtration in difficult operating conditions
  • Liquid or gas applications
  • Designed with a folding handle to minimize flow restrictions

Common Applications

Water, Pre-RO Water, Seawater, Wastewater, Process Fluids, Acids, Bases, Hydrocarbons, Brines, Fuels, Organic Solvents, LNG, LPG, Gas Condensate

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