Tersus | 600 Series


Cost Effective Filtration

Tersus 600 Series high performance gas filters are designed to provide dependable protection of downstream equipment and processes by efficiently removing solid contaminant from gas streams.

FTC’s proprietary pleated media pack technology utilizes high efficiency micro-fiber media combined with engineered support layers to minimize pressure drop and maximize dirt holding capacity resulting in the most cost effective solution for removing particulate from gas streams.


  • Provides high efficiency removal of unwanted contaminants with absolute efficiency ratings
  • High dirt holding capacity with proprietary pleat pack design
  • Boltless design mechanism allows for easy installation and extraction
  • By utilizing an inside to outside flow path, we can ensure complete retention of filtered particulates within the filter during removal to alleviate cross- contamination concerns seen in outside to inside flow designs

Common Applications

  • Amine plant feed gas and treated gas filtration
  • Fuel Gas filtration
  • Post filtration for molecular sieve beds, alumina beds, activated carbon beds, flare systems, city gates and metering systems
  • Turbine & Reciprocating Engine Fuel Gas
  • Pre-filtration for high efficiency coalescers

Common Contaminants

Iron sulfides, iron oxides, corrosion products, pipe scale, sand, silt, desiccant fines

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