Technical Service and Support

Technical Support:

FTC believes support is key. To bring this support, we employ several means of service for our products and customers such as:

  • Experienced territory managers to assist with application and product selection
  • Friendly and informed inside sales and customer service representatives to facilitate pricing and delivery needs
  • Knowledgeable field technicians to measure vessels, troubleshoot applications, and/or assist with vessel installations
  • Experienced process technology team to help with fluid and particle analysis, product and process testing, applications  engineering, vessel sizing, and process troubleshooting
  • Staff engineers to assist with vessel design and vessel upgrades
  • Management teams that stress communication, accuracy, quality, and timely response


In FTC’s state-of-the-art facility, our technical team provides filtration training classes to its distributors, representatives, and  customers. We feel it is not only important for our distributors to be knowledgeable of filtration principles and our products, but it is also valuable to educate our end users. This is an integral part of our partnership with our customers.

New Product Development:

While other manufacturers are content with providing the standard designs available in the market, FTC strives to be unique. We continue to develop new products and improve on our existing designs. Whether we provide an entirely new geometry or optimize materials and construction of existing products, our goal is to be unmatched in the industry in ingenuity.