Who is FTC

Since 1987, Filtration Technology Corporation® (FTC) has built a reputation for developing and delivering innovative products at the forefront of filtration technology. Since then, we have expanded our operations to answer the complex filtration and separation needs of customers across many diverse markets, but our innovations haven’t stopped at just our products. We engineer and deliver the highest quality process solutions, training, testing, and cutting-edge technology with unparalleled service and support for our customers.

In our headquarters facility, FTC’s manufacturing department stays on the leading edge of the filtration industry. Our highly skilled manufacturing teams undergo comprehensive training in order to provide the highest quality standards in the industry. Every product that leaves our facility has undergone extensive quality control measures to ensure consistency, accuracy, and a final, carefully engineered product.

Our filters, coalescers, and vessels are a result of our commitment to innovation and excellence. This resonates throughout each one of our internal departments, ensuring the right solutions to face a range of opportunities and challenges for the twenty-first century. We have found that commitment, fairness, quality, service, and innovative technical solutions are equally valued components to our customers. We strive to be a leader in engineering, design, manufacturing, delivery, and reliable performance of filtration and separation systems. This is supported by our commitment to research & development, customer service, and technical support.

FTC Houston