Seprum | 450 Series

Cost Effective Filtration

Seprum 450 Series high performance gas separator elements are designed to provide dependable protection of downstream equipment and processes by efficiently removing both solid and liquid contaminants from gas streams.

Seprum separator cartridges have a unique two stage design. The first stage is a hydrophobic and oleophobic outer media layer which is de-signed to separate a large percentage of the water and hydrocarbons in the first stage of the separator. The second stage of the Seprum cartridge utilizes high efficiency micro-fiber coalescing media to maximize liquid droplet interception and coalescence. It is pleated to maximize surface area which increases droplet interception and coalescence, reduces the pressure drop, and increases dirt holding capacity for longer service life.


  • Novel hydrophobic and oleophobic media treatment to provide reliable separation of unwanted water and hydrocarbon contaminants
  • High Dirt Load Capacity design provides extended service life
  • Absolute rated efficiencies removal of unwanted solid and liquid contaminants
  • Direct upgrade for most common gas separator elements on the market

Common Applications

  • Gas plant feed gas and treated gas Filter-Separators
  • Fuel Gas Filter-Separators
  • Pretreatment of gas for high efficiency coalescers

Common Contaminants

  • Iron sulfides, iron oxides, corrosion products, pipe scale, sand, silt, desiccant fines
  • Compressor lubrication oils, water, hydrocarbon condensates, completion fluids, brine, and other liquid phase contaminates

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