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Cyphon | 45 Series

Cost Effective Coalescence

These elements have been specially engineered to provide the most cost effective high efficiency liquid coalescence of gas streams on the market.

Cyphon technology utilizes pleated proprietary micro-fiber media formulations, superior element design and engineered vessel design to ensure interception, coalescence, and drainage of unwanted liquid contaminant from gas streams.


  • Direct upgrade for common 336 style liquid gas coalescing element
  • Provides high efficiency removal of unwanted liquid contaminants
  • 99.98% liquid aerosol removal
  • High surface area providing low pressure drop and longer life
  • Available in double open ended (DOE) or single open ended (SOE) cap styles
  • Buna and Viton® gaskets used as standard sealing elastomers (other materials available)

Common Applications

  • Amine plant feed gas and treated gas
  • Suction and discharge of compressors
  • Fuel Gas purification
  • Protection of molecular sieve beds, alumina beds, activated carbon beds, flare systems, glycol units and metering systems
  • Turbine feed gas

Common Liquid Contaminants

Compressor lubrication oils, water, hydrocarbon condensates, amines, glycols, solvents, completion fluids, brine, and other liquid phase contaminates

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