Invicta Filter Cartridges

The New Shape of Cartridge Filtration

Our Invicta® line of cartridge filters and vessels represents a giant step forward for liquid-solid filtration technology.


When you look at Invicta®, the advantages are clear:

  • Unprecedented filter element packing density

  • Up to 176% more surface area
  • Smaller vessel footprint (e.g., 24” vs 30” OD)
  • More dirt holding capacity
  • Lower clean pressure drop
  • Less frequent filter change-outs
  • Lower associated maintenance costs
  • Reduced shipping and disposal costs
  • Quick and easy retrofit for your current vessel
  • ASME-certified and CRN-registered Invicta® vessels available


Designed and tested in our state-of-the-art R&D facility, and proven in the field, Invicta® offers a completely new paradigm for filtration and separation technology. This breakthrough in design and application reflects FTC’s commitment to bringing high quality, reliable, and value-driven solutions to the market.

Invicta® liquid-solids filter cartridges and vessels provide the most cost-effective filtration solution on the market. This unique, patent pending technology offers a significant improvement over the conventional filters in wide use today. Invicta® provides up to 176% more surface area in a vessel footprint when compared to conventional cylindrical filters. The trapezoidal, coreless design allows more elements to be placed in a vessel by reducing the amount of wasted space in standard pack designs. This results in lower clean pressure drop, longer life, and fewer changeouts. Best of all, Invicta® delivers significant CAPEX and OPEX savings for customers.

You no longer have to settle for yesterday’s technology. With Invicta®, you can enjoy the performance and cost savings you deserve today.


  • Invicta® technology pairs reliable, efficient filtration with the lowest cost of ownership on the market
  • Large nozzle open area allows for higher flow rates and lower pressure drops
  • Broad range of end cap and media options available to satisfy most chemical and thermal compatibility needs
  • Ergonomic design allows for fast and easy installation and extraction in both vertical and horizontal configurations
  • Faster, more infrequent changeouts result in lower labor costs and fewer process interruptions
  • Absolute rated media with fixed pore structure provides process reliability
  • Novel coreless design maintains the media pleat density so that all surface area is effective throughout the filter’s life
  • Unique, compact design occupies less space and lowers costs associated with shipping, inventory, and disposal

Vessels Options

With Invicta®, you can choose to quickly and easily retrofit your existing vessels to make them compatible with the new filters, or you can choose to replace the vessels with new equipment designed to accommodate Invicta® cartridges. Either way, Invicta® allows you to enjoy:

  • Unprecedented element packing density
  • Increased vessel flow rate capacity
  • Increased vessel dirt holding capacity
  • Design flexibility to allow for vertical or horizontal configuration
  • Less frequent filter change-outs
  • Lower capital and operational expenditures
  • Smaller vessel footprint
Invicta Filtration
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