Sieva | 550 Series

Cost Effective Filtration

FTC introduces its new Sieva 550 Series pleated bag filter. The unique design of this pleated bag provides a large effective filter surface area within the space constraints of a standard basket. The dirt holding capacity is maximized by pleating several different filter media together in a single pleat pack. One Sieva 550 Series bag filter holds as much as 5x more dirt than the typical 500 Series bag and 21x as much as a standard single layer bag filter.

The FTC Sieva 550 bag is designed to fit inside existing baskets and effectively provide 99.0% removal efficiency without housing modification.


  • Provides significantly greater dirt holding than non-pleated felt and high efficiency bag filters
  • Custom molded seal to ensure positive capture of contaminants
  • Simple installation into existing equipment without equipment modification
  • Absolute rated media with fixed pore structure prevents particle unloading and provides reliable results in critical applications
  • Superior methods of construction combined with excellent quality control ensure FTC Sieva 550 Series bag filters will provide quality filtration in difficult operating conditions

Common Applications

Water and Wastewater, Process Fluids, Acids, Bases, Amines, Glycols, Brines, Machine Coolants

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