Sieva | 650 Series

Cost Effective Filtration

FTC introduces its latest generation of bag filters, the Sieva 650 Series bag filter. To create this next generation bag filter technology, FTC re-engineered the original FTC Platinum 650 style bag to maximize dirt holding capacity in a bag filter housing.

Sieva 650 bag filters are designed to meet the wide-range of solids removal needs in fluid processing industries. Not all markets and customers have the same needs requiring various bag filtration technologies to provide cost effective filtration solutions for each application. Sieva 650 bag filters are engineered to deliver optimal performance even under the most challenging conditions ensuring process reliability.


  • Highest dirt holding capacity of all bag filter series
  • Engineered and proven pleat design maximizes dirt holding capacity and surface area
  • Wide-range of media options allows for compatibility with many fluids
  • Broad range of micron ratings and efficiencies
  • Simple installation into existing equipment without equipment modification
  • Absolute rated media with fixed pore structure prevents particle unloading and provides reliable results in critical applications

Common Applications

Water and Wastewater, Process Chemicals, Acids, Bases, Amines, Glycols, Brines, Machine Coolants, Distilled Spirits

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