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Published Articles

Amine Scrubbing Optimisation
Chris Wallace, FTC, USA, discusses the challenges to efficient amine scrubbing in natural gas processing, and new filtration technologies aimed at tracking these issues. Read the full article from Hydrocarbon Engineering publication.
April 2020

FTC Innovates Its Way Forward – Filtration News Exeuctive Q & A
In this edition of the International Filtration News trade publication, they interview Tyler Johnson, President & CEO of Filtration Technology Corporation. Read the full Q & A interview
March 2020

Invicta in Flow Control Magazine
FTC’s Invicta line of cartridge filters and vessels was listed as one of the notable items in the “Product Focus” section.
Flow Control Magazine
September 2019

Liquid-Solids Filter Improves Boiler Feedwater Filtration System Efficiency
Water Technology Magazine
September 2019

Novel Filtration Design Leads to Amine Process Success
American Filtration & Separation Society
August 2019

Trapezoidal Liquid-Solids Filter Cartridge = 176% More effective surface area
Petroleum Products & Solutions
July 2019

FTC Launches First Trapezoidal Liquid-Solids Filter Cartridge and Vessel System
Gas Processing & LNG
July 2019

Fibers, Textiles And Nonwovens In Filtration
Textile World Magazine
March 2017

Filtration Technology Corporation announced the new Nominal Pleated Bag Series
January 2014

Water Conditioning and Purification
What’s new in water conditioning and purification
December 2013

Chemical Engineering
Cartridge versus Bag Filters
October 2009

International Filtration News
New Cartridge Filters Maximize Filter Surface Area While Minimizing Diameter
May / June 2009

World Bunkering
Bunker Fuel Filtration Problems and Solutions
February 2008

Cartridge Filtration
Cartridge Filtration Principles for the CPI
January 2007

Sea Technology
Laying The Cameron Highway Oil Pipeline Required Use of Advanced Filtration Technology
February 2006

Offshore Source
Advanced Filtration Technology Required on Cameron Highway Oil Pipeline
August 2005

American Filtration Conf., Atlanta, GA
What’s New In Cartridge Filtration
April 2005

American Filtration Conf., Atlanta, GA
Using New Technology to Minimize Cartridge and Bag Filtration Costs
April 2005

The Effects of Solid Contaminants on Field Operations
Formation Damage Theory, Relationship of Formation Plugging to Well Productivity, etc.
June 2004

Los efectos de contaminantes sólidos en las operaciones de campo
Teoría de daño a la formación
June 2004

Paint Filtration
Where Quality Begins, Matching the Filter to the Paint, and More…
February 2004

Jet Fuel Filtration
Discuss the Logistics, Problems, and Selection of Jet Fuel Filtration Systems
October 2003

Examining the True Cost of Cartridge Filter Changeout
September 2003

Filtration Techniques
Improve Profits for Adhesives Manufacturers
June 2003

Amine Filtration
Importance of Amine Filtration in Natural Gas Processing Operations
May 2003

Filtracion De Aminas
La importancia de la filtracion de aminas durante el proceso del gas natural
May 2003

Hydrocarbon Processing News Release
Patented Filter Media Offers Longer Service Life
November 2002

Chemical Engineering Magazine
The Developments Are Diverse- Filtration
August 2002

Filtration Quality Control
Maximizing Well Potential Through Verification of Filtration System Efficiency
July 2002

Control de Calidad en el Filtrado
Maximizar el Potencial del Pozo a través de la Verificatión de la Eficiencia en el Sistema de Filtrado
July 2002