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FTC’s case studies provide an in-depth look at real-world filtration challenges successfully resolved with customized solutions designed around highly technical and scientific intricacies. At the heart of our case studies are tremendous insights about the operational impact of filtration by FTC’s thought leaders and engineers.

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One of the largest independent midstream infrastructure companies in the United States pivoted to Cyphon® 46 elements, which resulted in immediate improvement in performance and safety. FTC’s Versa seal technology eliminated bypass at the seal, improved solid and liquid removal efficiencies, and allowed for easy extraction of the elements, which mitigated safety concerns.

A west coast engineering company drew upon FTC’s expertise to overcome multiple obstacles – high iron levels in the water, limited water supply, and strict wastewater discharge regulations – to complete final commissioning activities for chilled water closed loop system for a large new data center. The result: immediate process improvement and overall cost savings.

A Gulf Coast renewable diesel refinery increased the filter life of its feedstock filter vessels and improved effluent quality to protect its catalyst beds with a custom filtration solution from FTC.

When a nuclear power generation utility faced multiple filtration issues and costly operational activities, FTC installed SWC Series pleated filter cartridges to improve efficiency, avoid foaming, reduce downstream transient contaminants, and provide a lower clean differential pressure at start-up.

A gas processing facility operator in the Permian Basin upgraded to Invicta™ technology to reduce changeout frequency and increase time and cost efficiencies that resulted in run times up to five weeks longer.

A gas processing facility overcame bypass problems on its lean amine filtration with a superior sealing solution and Invicta technology that improved the effluent amine stream and reduced the annual spend on filtration.

A major oil packager turned to FTC for a highly engineered filtration system encompassing 99.98% media and Sieva 600HT Series pleated bags to meet strict contract requirements for the fluid cleanliness of finished lubricating oils.