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2711, 2021

Best-Kept Secrets Eventually Get Told

November 27th, 2021|

Invicta FiltersThe best-kept secrets eventually get told, although it didn’t take long for the news to spread after FTC’s 2020 introduction of Invicta®, the only-of-its-kind line of cartridge filters and vessels.

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811, 2021

Necessary Evils

November 8th, 2021|

Invicta FiltersNecessary evils. That’s what some people think about filters. We might not agree, but we get it.

That’s why FTC created Invicta®, the only-of-its-kind and most effective liquid/solid filter in the marketplace. By extending […]

1510, 2021

FTC Has Vessels Ready to Ship

October 15th, 2021|

FTC VesselsOur team is proud to announce that we have vessels ready to ship. Work around CAPEX budgets with rental Invicta® vessels from FTC. Let us help you optimize your process filtration with high […]

1609, 2021

Tersus High-Performance Gas Filtration Technology

September 16th, 2021|

Tersus Filter TechnologyFTC once again delivers Tersus high-performance gas filtration technology that is designed to provide dependable protection of downstream equipment and processes by efficiently removing solid contaminants from gas streams.

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109, 2021

Invicta Cartridges – Innovated Technology

September 1st, 2021|

FTC’s extensive research and testing efforts resulted in the award-winning Invicta® line of cartridge filters and vessels. Get unprecedented filter element packing density and up to 176% more surface area. This breakthrough in design and […]