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2302, 2024

Invicta is a game changer

February 23rd, 2024|

Invicta Filters

Invicta is not just another filtration and separation product. It is the result of years of research and development in our cutting-edge facility, and rigorous testing in real-world conditions. It is a game-changer […]

712, 2023

Liquid-Liquid Separation Coalescers

December 7th, 2023|

Strata liquid-liquid coalescer

Don’t let emulsions ruin your day! Our Strata liquid-liquid separation coalescers are the perfect solution for cost-effective separation.

With excellent liquid-liquid efficiency, they’re the best choice to eliminate costly liquid contamination problems […]

111, 2023

Bill Bassett – Eastern U.S. Regional Sales Manager

November 1st, 2023|

Bill Bassett

Meet Bill Bassett, FTC’s Eastern U.S. Regional Sales Manager.

Strategic and growth-minded, Bill has impressive experience in engineered solutions in filtration and separation. His focus on building strong working relationships allows for important collaboration […]

809, 2023

Liquid-Liquid Coalescing Technology

September 8th, 2023|

Liquid-Liquid Coalescing Technology

Put the power of FTC’s liquid-liquid coalescing technology working to your success.

The separation of one or more liquid phases is highly complex. We have the technical expertise and expert understanding of liquid […]

2208, 2023

Avoid Supply Chain Issues

August 22nd, 2023|

FTC Houston

If you’re a plant in the south planning a scheduled outage or turnaround, connect with Philip Falgout to build up your filter coalescer inventory, proactively stabilize operations and avoid […]

2407, 2023

When Performance Matters

July 24th, 2023|

High Performance Filtration

There’s a reason we can say “when performance matters” with 100% confidence. Put the benefits of our innovative filtration solutions working to your success.

Contact us to learn more about our innovation […]

307, 2023

Comprehensive Quality Assurance Checks

July 3rd, 2023|

Proven Equation

Our time-proven equation works to your advantage. No short cuts + comprehensive quality assurance checks at every stage and on final products = filters that perform optimally and save you time and money […]