Sieva | 100 Series

Cost Effective Filtration

FTC introduces its Sieva 100 Series nominal pleated bags. The introduction of the Sieva 100 Series will offer value and economy for your nominal filtration requirements while providing the reliability and high performance of a rigid filter barrel to maintain bag filter integrity.

The Sieva 100 Series pleated bag will drain more easily while changing out as compared to a standard size 2 bag which will result in a minimized loss of valuable process fluid.

Constructed with polypropylene or polyester needled felt media, the FTC Sieva 100 Series will offer significantly more surface area and dirt holding capacity than a standard size 2 nominal bag.


  • As much as 28 times the dirt holding capacity of a standard size 2 felt bag
  • Proprietary pleat design maximizes dirt holding capacity and surface area
  • Rigid bag structure to maintain integrity of filter
  • Wide range of micron ratings to meet all of your nominal filtration requirements
  • Simple installation into existing equipment without equipment modification
  • Savings on acquisition, disposal costs, downtime, and labor costs
  • Reduced system downtime

Common Applications

Water and Wastewater, Process Fluids, Acids, Bases, Amines, Glycols, Brines, Machine Coolants

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