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Invicta Filtrations

The open, unused area within your filter vessel has finally met its match.

Invicta Filtration


Say Goodbye to Dead Space
with Invicta®

Invicta® from FTC reduces the amount of dead space within the vessel by increasing packing density. As a result, the revolutionary design of Invicta® filters provides up to 176% more surface area than standard cylindrical cartridges improving filter run times and flow capacity in a give vessel footprint.

Take a look at Invicta® and ask yourself why you would choose any other liquid-solids cartridge filter system.

  • Unprecedented filter element packing density

  • Up to 176% more surface area
  • Higher flow rate in smaller footprint

  • More dirt holding capacity
  • Lower clean pressure drop
  • Less frequent filter change-outs
  • Lower associated maintenance costs
  • Reduced shipping and disposal costs
  • Quick and easy retrofit for your current vessel
  • ASME-certified and CRN-registered Invicta® vessels available

Invicta Filtration

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