Corporate Social Responsibility

Filtration Technology Corporation (FTC) is an industry leader in the creation of filtration and separation solutions. Responsible management and business practices have long been intrinsic values to FTC as they are essential to long-term value creation for our customers, partners, employees and ownership. The management of FTC is committed to responsible management to achieve long-term sustainable growth that will benefit internal stakeholders, business partners, and the communities in which it, and its partners, operate.

FTC is subject to complex laws and regulations due to its international scope and diverse industry reach. Employees within FTC, and its Board of Directors, are expected to make reasonable efforts to be knowledgeable of the laws applicable to their activities and be diligent about compliance with these laws.

In addition to complying with laws and regulations, FTC strives to incorporate environmentally conscious and socially responsible practices into its daily operations and long-term planning.

FTC is committed to carrying out its business ethically and to adopt practices that will benefit the health and safety of its employees and those that use its products.