FTC Announces New Partnership with SPSS

FTC is proud to announce a new partnership with Saudi Pioneers for Specialized Services, an affiliate of the Al-Yamama Company. The partnership will bring FTC products to the oil and gas sector, refining, chemical, waste water, and desalination facilities within Saudi Arabia and all GCC countries.

SPSS is an affiliate of the Al-Yamama company based in Dammam, Saudi Arabia.  SPSS is an industry leader in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East, with an emphasis on personalized services and a hands-on approach to problem solving.  The SPSS staff has considerable experience related to oil and gas, refining, and water-related applications.

The new partnership will bring cutting edge filtration solutions to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and surrounding countries.

FTC was founded in 1987 to provide quality filtration solutions.  We provide high-quality filtration solutions that bring value to the customer. We strive to maximize performance and minimize overall cost of ownership by providing technical assistance and quick response times.  Our manufacturing, research laboratory, and corporate offices are strategically located in Houston, TX.

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