FTC’s Invicta® Technology Awarded AFS New Product of the Year

AFS Filtcon AwardFiltration Technology Corporation’s (FTC) Invicta® technology has been awarded 2020 New Product of the Year by the American Filtration and Separations Society (AFS) during their annual conference, FiltCon 2021.

As described in the conference, Invicta® technology is a novel trapezoidal-shaped cartridge filter element design that leverages increased effective surface area inside a filter vessel resulting in increased capacity and extend filter life. Invicta’s unique design is a revolutionary advancement of the 60-year-old cylindrical filter model that the industry has been stuck on for decades.

“Our whole team at FTC is deeply honored that AFS has recognized our Invicta® technology with this award. We think very highly of AFS, and it really means something special to be recognized considering their efforts to spotlight those that contribute to the industry. AFS members contribute exciting new innovations o filtration and separations every year,” said Chris Wallace, FTC Vice President of Technology. “Since its release in 2019, Invicta® has changed industry thinking and the industrial filtration market with it.”

AFS members collaborate and innovate to ensure clean air and water, safe foods and beverages, pure and effective drug therapies and medical devices, smaller and more powerful personal electronic devices, as well as reliable and efficient transportation platforms, such as trains, boats, and planes.

Designed and tested in FTC’s state-of-the-art research facility in Houston, Invicta® is at the cutting edge of filtration and separation technology. The revolutionary technology reflects the company’s focus on delivering high-quality, reliable, and value-driven solutions to the market.

Since 1987, FTC has been dedicated to driving the filtration and separation industry forward. They consistently develop products and solutions that challenge the industry and competition time after time, even while the industry continues to evolve and their clients’ needs diversify.

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