Joe Barbee Joins FTC as Western Regional Sales Manager

FTC is proud to announce the hiring of Joe Barbee to fill the position of Western Regional Sales Manager. Joe will be responsible for the following western states and Canadian provinces: United States: Washington, Oregon, California, Idaho, Nevada, Arizona, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Alaska, Utah Canada: British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan Joe graduated from Western Michigan University-Kalamazoo [...]

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Invicta Technology Achieves Unprecedented Cost Savings

Invicta™ technology from FTC achieves unprecedented cost savings in #liquidsolidsfiltration Invicta™ lowers the overall cost of filtration by reducing changouts and required footprint. Invicta™ saves on CAPEX and OPEX. #Invicta #MoreSurfaceArea #PressureVessel

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FTC Introduces a Completely New Shape

FTC introduces a completely #NewShape to traditional liquid-solids filtration. Invicta™ cartridges and vessels provide instant savings for operators who are tired of the frequent change-outs and the high labor and inventory costs associated with traditional cartridge filters. #Invicta #LongerOnlineLife #TrapezoidalShape

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Vessel Options are Simple With Invicta

Vessel options are simple with Invicta™. You can choose to quickly and easily retrofit your existing vessels to make them compatible with the new filters, or you can choose to replace the vessels with new equipment designed by FTC to accommodate Invicta™ cartridges. #Invicta #Innovation #NewShape #Solution

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Vessels to Accommodate New Line of Invicta Cartridge Filters

FTC offers specially-designed vessels to accommodate its new line of Invicta™ cartridge filters. However, a quick and easy retrofit allows Invicta™ filters to work with your existing vessels in hours, not days. Contact us today to find out how Invicta™ can change the way you think about #LiquidSolidFiltration. #Invicta #MinimizeDeadSpace #ReduceCost [...]

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FTC Changes the Shape of Filtration

Houston-based Filtration Technology Corporation (FTC), a leader in innovative filtration and separation products and solutions, is changing the shape of the filtration and separation industry with the launch of Invicta™, the first trapezoidal liquid-solids filter cartridge and vessel system on the market. Invicta’s cutting-edge design and innovative patent-pending technology offers a significant improvement and welcome alternative [...]

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AchemAsia International Expo and Innovation Forum

Kyle Scott, FTC Vice President of International Sales will be attending AchemAsia International Expo and Innovation Forum for Sustainable Chemical Production in Shanghai, May 21-23.  Please DM Kyle on LinkedIn if you are interested in learning more about FTC’s filtration and separation solutions.

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Chris Wallace elected to AFS Board

Filtration Technology Corporation (FTC) is proud to announce that Vice President of Technology Chris Wallace has been elected to a two-year term on the Board of Directors of the American Filtration & Separation Society (AFS).  The term is set to run from September 2019 to September 2021. Chris has previously held a variety of positions [...]

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World Oilman’s Tennis Tournament May 2019

FTC’s President John Hampton looks forward to participating in the World Oilman’s Tennis Tournament (WOTT) early May with Kyle Scott, Vice President of International Sales. Both John and Kyle participated in the Houston Oilman's Tennis Tournament (HOTT) this past March. John says, “We are proud to support the Special Olympics, WOTT's selected charitable organization [...]

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FTC Hired Tomas Moreno Gutierrez

FTC has hired Tomas Moreno Gutierrez as Business Development Specialist. Tomas will be focused on supporting our international customers from our headquarters in Houston, TX. Tomas has been with FTC since 2014 as a Manufacturing Engineer. He will bring his deep knowledge of our products and production processes to his new business development role. [...]

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